This question was asked the other day...and it's a good one.  However, there are too many new-home builders in Valdosta for that to be a valid question, since each builder has his own ideas about how to price what they build. One may set a price for his work and stick to it. Another may build in negotiating room, knowing some buyers won't feel like they've gotten a deal until they talked the builder's price down (often to what the builder intended it to be all along).

The REAL question is what should you pay for a new home in Valdosta and the answer to that is to find out what similar new homes sold for over the past year in the areas where you want to buy and live -- then make your decision about what to offer based on that hard information.

Don't ask the new home's listing agent for it, either. While they must be fair to buyers, they're legally and contractually obligated to represent only the seller/builder. Hire a buyer's agent. If the house is listed with a Realtor, it doesn't cost you extra, the listing broker will have already agreed to a commission split.

Interview at least two buyer's agents, you're looking for demonstrable experience and knowledge and a proven track record. A good buyer's agent should not only save you money, but keep you from making some of the expensive mistakes sometimes involved in buying a new home.